On view through December, 2018


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Between I & Thou includes artists from many different areas of the globe, exploring
interconnections between the personal, cultural, religious and national. The works reflect the human need to tell the story of self and society, offering a rich conversation about the sameness and differentness among us. There is an emphasis on the inclusion of senior artists whose works cogently reflect lives lived across significant changes in history.

‘Between I & Thou’ celebrates diversity.

Discussing this, Livia Straus, HVCCA Director, said,

“Faith Ringgold is arguably one of the most renowned African American living artists. Her work in quilts, drawings and book form speak to social justice as well as the stories and memories of her own childhood. Judith Zabar works through free association, her painting/drawings often beginning with doodled thoughts done at odd times, mining her subconscious. Other artists’ works overlay personal with cultural cues, like Aminah Robinson who interweaves memory laden buttons and fabrics from discarded, overused clothing, embroidering her assemblages with words referencing her spiritual journey as she treads the time worn stones of Jerusalem. An artist like Leonardo Drew draws on the materials that surround us as well as comfort us, such as cotton batting from mattresses now disposed of, but when recycled into art carry the stuff of our dreams.”

In this exhibit, one is confronted by Asya Reznikov’s work; the artist hand-expressing breast milk into crystal goblets, and mechanically expressing milk ​in her version of Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère. She is both artist and mother, creating and nurturing in life and art. Peter Bynum’s full room installation, Illumination of the Sacred Forms: Divine Light Mission & Sanctuary, brings us into the biological structure of oneness​. Between I & Thou​ is an exhibition seeking to touch upon th​at oneness, the​ common hopes, needs and dreams that must take us, as human beings, to that which leads us to a more caring and peaceful existence, one in which we see the Between I & Thou.

Featured Artists:

 Cristina Alvarez-Arnold Laura Battle  Peter Bynum Orly Cogan  Leonardo Drew  Camille Eskell  Kristján Gudmundsson  Erika Harrsch  Meg Hitchcock Chris Jones  Remy Jungerman  Barbara Korman  Cal Lane  Katherine Mangiardi Todd Murphy Brigitte Nahon Susan Obrant  Jong Oh  Margaret Loy Pula  Liz Quisgard  Raquel Rabinovich  Asya Reznikov  Faith Ringgold  Aminah Robinson (Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson)  Antonio Santin  Yardena Donig Youner  Jayoung Yoon  Judith Zabar