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OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, Sept. 12, 5 – 7 pm

Works on view: Friday, August 14th - December 6th, 2015

HVCCA is honored to present Hermann Nitsch’s one-person installation, “Leviticus.” The installation features Nitsch’s “Leviticus,” his seminal book (52 ¾” x 38 ½”) opened to the segment describing the sacrificial services of the High Priest. The surrounding walls feature12 terragraph prints and accompanying extracts from Leviticus in both Hebrew and German. Complementing the prints are paintings and priestly garments.

Terragraph is a printing technique developed by the Israeli printer Har-El and used in the terragraph workshops of Jaffa, Israel.  A very strong varnish is used in conjunction with sand from the Judean and Negev desert. By choosing this refined and localized technique, Nitsch takes us back to the actual sites where the book of Leviticus is narrated to the Priestly caste as a manual of the worship laws stipulated by God.

At HVCCA one can see the Biblical text most concerned with the codification of public prayers and rituals. The large format work is opened to the priestly manual describing the performance surrounding the sacrifice which will, on a practical level, supply the priestly class with their food, and on a spiritual level act as a purification vehicle for them so that, in servicing the community, they are free of sin. The omnipresent color red in all the works stands for blood as the essence of life.

Installed in the main exhibition space of the HVCCA, the Hermann Nitsch installation stands in dialogue with ‘LOVE’, which opened in February of this year.   The bond formed between God and the Hebrews in that early desert stage was based on a love relationship, proven by salvation from Egyptian enslavement and a parent to child nurturing environment within the dessert where food, water and sustenance are generously supplied.  The prayer: ‘Hear Oh Israel, the Lord Our God, the Lord is One’, and “Thou Shalt Love“…are reflected in this extraordinary installation by Nitsch, refracted through a veil of red and etched in sand.

Since 1957, Nitsch has been addressing the intensification of human existence through his ritualistic performance art in “The Orgies Mysteries Theatre”. With more than 100 performances to date, these staged Dionysian performances emulate religious sacrifices: mock crucifixion, blood, entrails, robes, dance and nude participants. Religious tropes are here: the intensity resembles scenes from Grünewald’s Isenheim Altarpiece, the carcasses nod towards Rembrandt’s hanging meats. Nitsch mimics the passion plays of the medieval period and harks back to the Biblical and pre-Biblical blood rituals where immersion in the ‘fluid of life’ and the use of animals and animal blood are surrogates for human sacrifice.

His paintings seen here are beautiful abstractions symbolizing what it means to be human. They are graceful violent palimpsests, full of vitality, but also quiet for contemplation, representing a life of originality, courage and dissidence.

Hermann Nitsch (born 29 August 1938), a founder of the Vienna Actionists is one of the most influential artists today.

Hermann Nitsch lives and works at Prinzendorf Castle on the Zaya River, Lower Austria. His works are exhibited in the two Nitsch Museums in Mistelbach and Naples as well as in the Nitsch Foundation in Vienna and in prestigious international museums and galleries such as MoMA, Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum New York, Tate Gallery London, Musée Centre George Pompidou Paris, Nationalgalerie Munich and many more.

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Opening Reception: September 27th, from 12-5 pm @ 100 North Water Street, Peekskill

Festival will be on view: September 27th – December 31st, 2015

Locations: HVCCA + public parks + industrial spaces and storefronts in Peekskill

IMAGES_Peekskill_Project 6 Molly Haslund copy

HVCCA is proud to present the 6th edition of Peekskill Project, a public art festival devoted to bringing contemporary art out of the museum and into the community; specifically into spaces not normally used to present art. Using the city as a stage, Peekskill Project 6 will engage the urban environment and its inhabitants, through site-specific art exhibitions, performances and workshops throughout the city.

Peekskill Project, first launched in 2004, has become a highly anticipated event attracting thousands of visitors each year as it offers children and adults alike the opportunity to explore the city’s rich social, cultural and geographic history through the lens of contemporary art. With active support from businesses, restaurants, city employees, and artists the festival has grown in scope, quality, and visibility. The festival continue to generate interest and investment in the City of Peekskill and serves to solidify Peekskill’s role as a premiere art destination. Previous Peekskill Projects have featured work by over 100 established and emerging artists per project and have been visited by more than 30,000 people. Generous support and involvement of city government and the community have been critical to the success of these events.

This year Peekskill Project will feature an exciting variety of sculpture, photography, installation, video and performance art by approximately 60 international and local artists, exhibited in industrial buildings, storefronts, and parks around the city. The artists are using the rich history of Peekskill, the surrounding area, as well as their own varied personal narratives, as a generative tool to create their site-specific works. Many of the projects presented will also directly involve and engage the community in the creative process.

Through the public exposition of artworks right in the midst of our Peekskill community, and through talks, workshops, performances, and events, Peekskill Project 6 will shed light on the possibilities inherent in public, participatory and community-based art today.

Confirmed Participating Artists:

Orit Adar • Kristin Anderson • Mark Andreas • Victoria AralzChey • Jan Baracz • Michael Barraco • Andrew Barthelmes• Man Bartlett • Daniel Bejar • Joe Bigley • Liene Bosque • Karolina Bregula • Jenny Brockman • Robert Brush • Alessandro Bulgini • Rigney Christopher • Teke Cocina • Lea Donnan • Olafur Eliasson • Lydia Goldbeck • Raphael Griswold • Katya Grokhovsky • Molly Haslund • Pablo Helguera • Elana Herzog • Sarah Hewitt • Howdoyousayyamsinafrican? • Owen Hunter • Rachel Simone James • Carla Rae Johnson • Deborah Kenote • Eleanor King • Saskia Janssen & George Korsmit • Adam Kremer • Dana Levy • Charnan T. Lewis • Tora Lopez • Andrea Mastrovito • Heather McKenna • James Mulvaney • Sabrina Occhipinti • Maria Rapicavoli • Elise Rasmussen • Really Large Numbers • Belle Ritter • Stephen Schaum • Dustina Sherbine • Megan Snowe • Kelly Stevens • Phumelele Tshabalala • Chris Victor • Tuo Wang • Julia Weist • Lachell Workman • Jayoung Yoon

Peekskill Project 6 is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.



Image above: Molly Haslund, CIRCLES, Performance 2014
Photo by: Matilde Haaning




February 14, 2015 – December 6, 2015


robert_indiana_love_red_blue_d5437589h© 2014 Morgan Art Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Love: The First of the 7 Virtues

Exhibition: February 14th- December 6th, 2015

It is with great enthusiasm that HVCCA launches a year of exhibitions and education programs exploring the artistic representation of Love: The First of the 7 Virtues and its antithesis, Seven Deadly Sins: Lust (scheduled to open April 19, 2015). Developed as an FWMA (Fairfield Westchester Museum Alliance) collaboration, each museum will explore a different sin and, in some instances, its parallel virtue.

In the HVCCA exhibition, love is depicted in all its wonderful variety, whether heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual, or non-sexual. Love is expressed in artworks in which the adoration of nature and animals is as strong and deep as any human bond. Finally, love is observed as memory, offering, shrine, and celebration.

From Robert Indiana’s iconic sculpture that plays on the power of the word ‘LOVE’, to Keith Edmier’s sculpture of the red rose bouquet Jacqueline Kennedy held the day her husband was assassinated, HVCCA invites the viewer to come to the exhibition and see love in some surprising and inspiring ways.

Artists included in the exhibition are drawn from communities around the globe:

Thordis Adalsteinsdottir, Emil Alzamora, Matthew Barney, Hernan Bas, Marius Bercea, Derek Boshier, Birgit Brenner, Skyler Brickley, Ross Chisholm, Debby Davis, Keith Edmier, Carole Feuerman, Moyna Flannigan, Stefanie Gutheil, Dieter Hacker, Bendix Harms, Ridley Howard, Robert Indiana, Sam Jinks, Sherry Kerlin, Angelika Krinzinger, Keegan Kuvach, Charles LeDray, Marin Majic, Robert Mapplethorpe, Nick Mauss, Shirin Neshat, Jonathan Newman, John Newsom, Joel Otterson, Djordje Ozbolt, Paul Pretzer, Michael Raedecker, Saul Raskin, Nathan Ritterpusch, Kalene Rivers and Dan Weise, Athi-Patra Ruga, Helen Sadler, Maria Tomasula, Richard Wathen, and Entang Wiharso.

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 Now on view through December 6th
 Writing the Walls! 

The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA) and director, Mara Mills, are really excited to present work for this season’s word/image project called, Writing the Walls! Over the past ten years, the word/image collaborations, between the HVCCA, Mills, and many of our writers, have resulted in poems, prose, and plays inspired by the art. Two of the plays created will have a second run at the Manhattan Repertory Theater in May and June 2015.

Writing the Walls is another opportunity to put word and art together. Writing the Walls invited writers to respond to works in the current art show at the HVCCA: Love: the First of the 7 Virtues. This word/image project was mainly for poets who live and/or work in Westchester to focus loving attention on the homefront.

Writers were invited in May and June of 2015 to commune with the art of the Love show at HVCCA choose one or two works that spoke to them, and write. In July, a committee choose work for inclusion.

August – December, selected poems/prose/plays are displayed with the related works around the gallery for visitors to read as they view the work. Work selected will be put  into a binder to be kept post exhibit in the museum’s library space.

Featured Writers:

Sam Bailey • Donna Barkman • Elizabeth Burke • Tess Cronin • Ruth Handel • Tony Howarth • Mindy Kronenberg • Robert Miss • Alicia Morgan • Richard Jeffrey Newman • Charlotte Walsh • Lily Wolf

Click here to read the featured poems!


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