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‘Between I & Thou’ Opening Reception

February 4th, 4-6 pm

'Doodle' by Judith Zabar

‘Between I & Thou’ includes artists from many different areas of the globe, exploring interconnections between the personal, cultural, religious and national. The works reflect the human need to tell the story of self and society, offering a rich conversation about the sameness and differentness among us. There is an emphasis on the inclusion of senior artists whose works cogently reflect lives lived across significant changes in history. ‘Between I & Thou’ celebrates diversity.

Featured artists: Afruz Amighi, Christina Arnold, Laura Battle, Mark Bergash, Peter Bynum, Amy Chang, Leonardo Drew, Camille Eskell, Kristján Gudmundsson, Erika Harsch, Meg Hitchcock, Remy Jungerman, Barbara Korman, Cal Lane, Katherine Mangiardi, Brigitte Nahon, Susan Obrant, Jong Oh, Leslie Pelino, Elisa Pritzker, Margaret Loy Pula, Liz Quisgard, Raquel Rabinowitz, Asyah Reznikoff, Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, Antonio Santin, Faith Ringgold, Jayoung Yoon, Yardena Youner, Judith Zabar.


*** “Doodle” by Judith Zabar



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