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Sunday, November 9, 2 – 4 pm

Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art presents

Wings of Witness Workshop

For Youth & Families

1701 Main Street, Peekskill, NY


Jeffrey Schrier

Join us for a very special hands-on workshop for youth and families with artist, Jeffrey Schrier.

The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, NY is exhibiting Jeffrey Schrier’s powerful three-dimensional work, Unfinished Flight, a new rendition of his well-known Wings of Witness sculpture series that has toured the USA.

Wings of Witness is a massive sculpture assembled in collaboration with over 60,000 participants from all over the world. More than eleven million soda can tabs, numerically recalling lives destroyed by hate, intolerance and apathy, are woven together to form a memorial assemblage honoring the Pavel Friedmann Holocaust era poem, The Butterfly.

This workshop will explore the use of art as a powerful vehicle to convey important historical and social issues and the importance of ethical consciousness. Participants will also contribute to the ongoing creation of the sculpture through hands-on instruction from the artist.

$5 HVCCA members
$7 non-members
Group rates available!
Contact [email protected]

Sunday, December 7th, 2 – 4 pm


Spotlight on Women:
Poets, Performers and Panelists


Exciting Afternoon Events
Sunday, December 7th
2 pm – 5 pmBurns & Tierstein

HVCCA is proud to present an exciting afternoon of events highlighting the diverse accomplishments of women artists. The program will feature a feminist poetry reading, a panel discussion with artists and curators, and a live dance performance!

2 – 3 pm: There will be a panel discussion designed to elucidate the exhibition on view at the museum entitled “The Women’s Room: Female Perspectives on Men, Women, Family and Nation.” The exhibition’s curators, Marcy B. Freedman and Livia Straus, along with video artist Sara Shaoul, and Art History Professor Melissa Hall, will discuss the works on view and invite the audience to join in.

3 – 4 pm: Theater director Mara Mills, who has brought a number of dynamic theatrical and literary productions to HVCCA, presents a lively program: poets Donna Barkman, Elizabeth Burk, Ann Cefola, Karen Marie Marmer, MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick, and Alicia Morgan will read from their own work, reflecting a feminist perspective on the personal and the universal.

4 – 5 pm: The final program of the afternoon will be an original dance performance! Two dancers, Marsi Burns, in her 60s, and Alice Teirstein, in her 80s, will perform a site-specific dance that creatively moves throughout various spaces of the museum. Their work is a fitting culmination to an afternoon dedicated to women artists!

There will be two intermissions and a fun reception at 5 pm. Please join in!

HVCCA members $5, Non-members $7

NOTE: Spotlight on Women: Poets, Performers and Panelists is part of a new initiative called Peekskill: The Power of Women Artists. For further information about PPOWA, contact [email protected]

Lana Yu’s What Matters Mural is on view starting October 21, 2014

Lana Yu’s What Matters Mural has been unveiled on the Park Street Garage in Peekskill, NY.  Lana You new What Matters

In collaboration with HVCCA, artist Lana Yu presents What Matters Mural, a 28 x 10 foot mural. 

What Matters is an on-going interactive public art project that affects people’s lives in surprising and unexpected ways. Through live events and a public mural, the project invites people of any age, background or culture to write a few words answering the question, “What matters?”

The objective is to give all people, including those who may not normally have an opportunity to express themselves, a chance to contemplate what they find meaningful in life.

In doing so each participant enriches their own existence for a moment and in turn enriches a moment for another who will read what they have written.

Since the project’s inception in 2012 the public has been invited to come sit and write a few words of reflection in any language. The project kicked off in the summertime where seventy youths wrote words of What Matters on the sidewalks of Main Street, Peekskill.  Since then it has appeared at multiple arts and community events throughout the Peekskill area. Through these live events and the project’s website, over one thousand participants from all walks of life have shared their thoughts. Since December of 2013, over eighty individuals have helped paint the What Matters mural. The mural is comprised of painted text becoming a focal point of contemplation that represents the individual voices of the community. And, like many of our thoughts, they are at once personal and also universal.

When the words are shared in a public forum we communicate our thoughts and feelings with one another. In this way the installation breaks down barriers of perceived separateness and unifies the community, both local and further flung. Learn more about the What Matters project and how to contribute at

“HVCCA is the most dynamic contemporary art site in Westchester… Maybe one day, these regional, more experimental art places might supercede art-stately New York City.” —Ben Genocchio, NY Times