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March 29 – November, 2014

Acting Out: Words That Connect

Acting Out: Words that Connect is a theatrical performance series, which features original scripts by several writers of the Greater New York area inspired by artworks from the museum’s exhibition, Art at The Core. The resulting one-act plays, as well one multimedia music piece, will be directed by Mara Mills. Writers include: Vicki Addesso, Donna Barkman, Susan Hodara, Tony Howarth, Lisa Karrer, Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger, Joan Potter, Matty Selman, Lori Toppel, and Bob Zaslow.The museum’s exhibition becomes a visual stage for the performances, with each play set in front of the artwork that inspired it. This is the sixth collaboration with Director Mara Mills following the successful Size Matters: Image and Script (2008), The Form of Matter (2009), Talk Dutch to Me (2010), The Ides of March (2012), and Words That Paint (2013).




The following works will be performed both evenings:

Coni Koepfinger | "Turbulence" aka “Ups and Downs”| Directed by Mara Mills

Coni Koepfinger imageThis is the story of an emotional, bipolar artist who is stuck on a metaphoric elevator that never allows her to access the placid reality of linear time. Sophia, surrounded by her work, speaks to a metal sculpture as if it were her unresponsive spouse and her equally unresponsive therapist.  Through her, we explore the emotional ups and downs that artists go through when they feel they are not being heard – or seen. The play, inspired by Thomas Zipp’s work, which juxtaposes a figurative sculpture with a painting of rigid lines and repeated patterns defines how Sophie sees the world…as a constrictively designed structure she must somehow, someway fit herself into or escape from.

Through her own art, she is able make a slight alteration and she starts to see new patterns that somehow allow her to loosely fit into the world around her and to create. The play takes on the subject of the relationship between the creation of art and the artist – sanity and creativity.

The character of ‘Sophia’ is played by actress Nellie O’Brien.  ‘Dr. Ized’ is played by David.

CONI KOEPFINGER is a prolific playwright and librettist.  From The Indie Theatre Companion: “Her work has been mounted in Pittsburgh, New York, and London, as well as many small community and educational organizations around the country. Besides contemporary legit theatre, Coni also is known for her extensive work in children's theater, her most notable children's work being Jack, and the Talk Back Beanstalk, a delightful message musical for kids from preschool to preteen. Coni has also taught theatre arts at Carnegie Mellon University and other art centers, believing that creative energy is never lost, it just changes hands, and hearts, and minds.”

Bob Zaslow | Flights of Fancy Schmancy | Directed by Mara Mills

Bob Zaslow PhotoFlights of Fancy Schmancy is a send up of performance art complete with music. Presenting Me 1 and Me 2, two artists who say they leave their art up to you, and yet Me 1 and Me 2 struggle not only about the meaning of art, but who really defines that meaning. Fancy Schmancy explores the making of performance art, the merging of self with art and with the other. It an exploration of twinness that Dr. Suess would applaud.  Zaslow’s performance will occur in front of Jeffrey Schrier’s installation Unfinished Flight.

Flights of Fancy Schmancy features actors Fred Rueck of Patterson, NY and Ann Gulian of Ossining, NY.  Choreography by dancer and choreographer, Celestine Woo.

BOB ZASLOW is a published and produced Playwright and Author.  His most recent play, The Seed of Abraham, was performed Off-Broadway at the Bleecker Street Theatre and received raves from the audience every night.  Zaslow is also the creator of Rap Notes: Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits, a short summary – in rhyme – of Shakespeare’s five most popular plays. In addition, Zaslow created the documentary film, Nadine Valenti, Portrait of a Painter, which has been shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was a Bronze winner at the American Film Festival.  Zaslow was also an advertising copywriter at Grey Advertising in New York for fifteen years, where he worked on everything from Prestone Antifreeze to Sprint Business to Maalox.

This event was funded in part by Poets & Writers, Inc. with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

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