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March 29, 2014 through July 13, 2014

Theatrical Performance Series COMING SOON!

 @ The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art



“Acting Out: Words that Connect”, a theatrical performance series, features original scripts by several writers of the Greater New York area inspired by artworks from the museum’s exhibition, “Art at The Core.” The resulting one-act plays, as well one multimedia music piece, will be directed by Mara Mills. Writers include: Vicki Addesso, Donna Barkman, Susan Hodara, Tony Howarth, Lisa Karrer, Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger, Joan Potter, Matty Selman, Lori Toppel, and Bob Zaslow.

The museum’s exhibition becomes a visual stage for the performances, with each play set in front of the artwork that inspired it. This is the sixth collaboration with Director Mara Mills following the successful “Size Matters: Image and Script” (2008), “The Form of Matter” (2009), “Talk Dutch to Me” (2010), “The Ides of March” (2012), and “Words That Paint”(2013).



 The Series takes place four weekends between March – July, 2014.

Two one-act plays will be performed on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

 Museum Members, Seniors, and Students with valid ID:

‘Early Bird’ $70 for 4 evenings (8 plays)


‘Early Bird’ $80 for four evenings (8 plays)

SATURDAY Series Performance Dates and Times:


Date of Performance


Addesso, Hodara, Potter, Toppel & Karrer

Saturday, March 29

7-9 PM

Tony Howarth & Donna Barkman

Saturday, April 26

7-9 PM

Matty Selman

Saturday, May 31

7-9 PM

Coni Koepfinger & Bob Zaslow

Saturday, July 12

7-9 PM

SUNDAY Series Performance Dates and Times:


Date of performance


              Karrer &                  Addesso, Hodara, Potter, Toppel

Sunday, March 30

5-7 PM

Tony Howarth & Donna Barkman

Sunday, April 27

5-7 PM

Matty Selman

Sunday, June 1

5-7 PM

Coni Koepfinger & Bob Zaslow

Sunday, July 13

5-7 PM

You can purchase tickets by credit card by calling our office at 914.788.0100, or writing to us at

To purchase by check, make check payable to HVCCA and mail to: HVCCA, PO Box 209, Peekskill, NY 10566.

 Indicate either Saturday or Sunday Series and provide name, phone, email, and mailing address.

You can also purchase the series or individual tickets with PayPal here!

Performance Series Tickets – Pick Your Day and Tier

Performance Series Tickets – Individual

This event was funded in part by Poets & Writers, Inc. with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.ARTS_NYSCA_LogoPW_logo (Copy)Saturday March 29th 7pm – 9pm & Sunday, March 30th 5-7pm
Still Here859162_138885826280647_390603280_oUnder the expansive wings of Jeffrey Schrier’s installation “Unfinished Flight,” Vicki Addesso, Susan Hodara, Joan Potter, and Lori Toppel present “Still Here,” a performance piece adapted from their collaborative memoir, “Still Here Thinking of You: A Second Chance With Our Mothers” (Big Table Publishing, 2013). Like the artwork — a powerful assemblage of more than one million aluminum can tabs, ”Still Here” is a collection of many parts transformed into a cohesive work.  In their book the authors tell the stories of their relationships with their mothers, from their early childhoods to their mothers’ later years. In “Still Here” they interweave short passages from these stories to create an interplay of different personalities and circumstances, yet surprisingly common emotional experiences. “Still Here” builds from moments of sadness and discontent that each of the writers sensed in their mothers’ lives, to an unveiling of sympathy and redemption. Spinning their distinct memories into a thematic pastiche, the writers create a chorus that is — like Schrier’s sculpture, like their memoir, and like the complex mother-daughter relationship itself — simultaneously a patchwork of small moments and a unified and evocative narrative. “These stories take us to the heart of where we all live, the endless bond between mother and child. They are honest and lyrical, painful and funny, a final reckoning and a testament to the vanished past ~ soul work right there on the page.”

~John H. Richardson, writer at large, Esquire
Meeting Chen Zhen: Drum as Doorway Between WorldsLisa-Karrer-David-Simons- See more at:

Multimedia performing artist Lisa Karrer creates a theatrical duet with live and sampled voice, drum, and video in collaboration with percussionist and MAX/MSP programmer David Simons; the artists will interact with artist Chen Zhen’s large drum sculpture Traitment Musical/Vibratoire. To “meet” Chen Zhen, Karrer and Simons will treat his drum as a supernatural doorway, physically interacting with its surfaces and spatial area, and triggering visual and sonic events with digital software design.

Rave reviews for Lisa Karrer:

“The one-woman wonder…”  The New Yorker

“Ms. Karrer’s voice is haunting…” Bruce Weber 
NY Times

“Kinetically as well as musically remarkable.” NY Times

 All Performances will be followed by artists’ talks


“HVCCA is the most dynamic contemporary art site in Westchester… Maybe one day, these regional, more experimental art places might supercede art-stately New York City.” —Ben Genocchio, NY Times