Fall 2010 Artist in Residence

The HVCCA is pleased to announce the arrival of the Fall 2010 Artist-in-Residence, Czech artist Daniel Pitín. Pitín’s residency will run through December 2010, and will be followed by a solo exhibition of the artist’s work entitled “Garrison Landing,” which will be up from January 9 – April 17, 2011.

Daniel Pitín, Cabinet, 2009, Oil, acrylic and paper on canvas, 61 x 82.6”, Courtesy of Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA and Private Collection, New York, NY, USA


About the Artist:

Born 1977 in Prague. Studied from 1994-2001 at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the Classical Painting studio under Professor Z. Beran and the Conceptual Media studio under Professor M. Sejn. Daniel Pitin is a young and talented painter who also works in – as well as being inspired by – film and video. During his studies at the Academy, he twice received the prize for the best work of the year, was the recipient of the Henkel Art Award for artists from Central and Eastern Europe in 2004, and in 2007 was awarded the Mattoni Prize for the best new artist work at the Prague Biennale.

“My paintings are based on film, theater and photography aesthetics. The film scene itself played an important role: it enabled me to transform reality into an artificial space of the painting and therefore move freely on the borderline between abstraction and narrative content. Gradually a game started to emerge, a game where personal memories, collective mind and current reality started to encounter, just like on a theatre scene. What I try to do is isolate the information or memories from its natural environment and analyze them, reconstruct them again through a painting on canvas. As a source I do not use just film, but also archive photography or Internet pictures. The topic of film and film scene has now opened for me in a much broader spectrum than I could expect”- Daniel Pitin.