FENDRY EKEL - Art & Architecture:
Seeing the World Through Dutch Eyes

Opens September 12, 2009
Opening Reception September 13, 2009
HVCCA: Mezannine Space

Fendry Ekel studied at the Rijksakademie and the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy, both in Amsterdam. His paintings explore the shadow side of human ambition. His monumental, light and layered looking works - acrylic and gouache on paper - are often painted after black and white photographs, depicting architecture or remnants of historic events. By evacuating these images from our collective memory, Ekel critically investigates the use of art, architecture and figuration as propaganda for ideology of any kind and confronts himself with the borderline where ethical and aesthetical values are crossing each other.

Ekel is strongly fascinated by the ability of architectonic creations to yield memory. He is intrigued by the way in which buildings and monuments are used as a confirmation of power to seduce, manipulate and intimidate; leading sometimes to a megalomania that traverses the norms of culture and civilization. The specific moment at which power turns into ignorance is the continuous subject matter in all of Fendry Ekel's paintings. His work explores and attempts to fathom the motives underlying this perversion.

As a teenager Ekel migrated in the early 90's from Indonesia to The Netherlands, Europe, a radical move that has given rise to a continuing fascination for investigating and identifying his surroundings. Architecture and the urban landscape is a perfect setting where abstraction and figuration meet each other in reality. It is in this setting that Fendry Ekel preferably locates the subjects of his paintings.

The work of Fendry Ekel has been shown internationally a.o. in eof gallery, Paris; Erasmus Huis Jakarta; Museum Gouda, The Netherlands and Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Belgium.

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