HVCCA Sets Auction Records for Eight Artists

HVCCA’s triennial auction was on FEB 28th at Phillips, LOT# 103- 114.

Once again artists donated fabulous works, with twelve works offered, and several auction records were realized for most of the artists.

These auctions are our largest fundraising source for the museum. Simone DePury, the premier auctioneer in the world, commented at the 2008 sale, which he conducted “HVCCA always chooses the most promising new artists that he has ever seen at auction.” Several of those “new” artists’ works, which sold first at an HVCCA auction have subsequently had stellar careers, including Adrian Ghenie (2008), whose prices have now reached $9 Million.

Oil on Canvas; 54 x 71; “salt is the new glitter” by Antonio Santin

“Salt is the new glitter” by Antonio Santin,  estimated in value at $25,000 – $35,000, is extraordinary and the desire for his work is strong; so much so that it sold for $75,000!  Santin was featured in this year’s Sharjah festival where one of his white painting adorns the cover the catalog.

Yigal Ozeri‘s “Lizzie in Snow” was estimated at $25,000 – $35,000, and sold for $55,000! Ozeri is today’s leading photo-realist painter, collected world-wide. A museum is being built in Japan to showcase his work. 

Newcomer Anna Leonhardt’s work, “Resonance V,” was estimated at $5,000 – $7,000 and sold for $16,250! She first came to NYC one year ago on residency and just last her April – May her NYC show sold out! Leonhardt’s work now is in significant demand, as evidenced by the auction.

Peter Bynum’s “Infinite Walks Though the Same Fields” sold at $25,000, approximately $5,000 over its estimated value. Bynum presently has an astonishing solo installation now at HVCCA.

“Koko,” the minimal sculpture by Jong Oh, was estimated at $10,000 – $15,000 and sold for $20,000, showing why he is ranked among the very best young sculptors in decades. He has had one person museum shows and gallery shows in NY, Mexico, Germany, Austria and more. Jong Oh was first shown at HVCCA when he was still in graduate school.

HVCCA is deeply appreciative to the support from the artists who donated works to this auction. These funds are crucial to the support of our arts and education programs.