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Past Educational Programs

HVCCA has hosted a number of amazing educational programs, highlighted in a comprehensive video which can be seen by clicking HERE.

Kids making Oaxacan Animals with Artist Jo-Ann Brody at Live Art Fest, 2016

Live Art Fest

LIVE ART FEST is a one-day live art making event that takes place at HVCCA in between exhibits. With the museum’s empty space as their canvas, artists paint, sculpt, dance, weld, make music and create installations for the public to watch and participate in.
(Date for Live Art Fest 2017 TBA)
Click here to watch Live Art Fest 2016 Videos
Click here to watch Live Art Fest 2015 video

Community Projects

Building and enriching our community through the arts is an important part of our mission. Read more about successful community projects:

LEAP PROGRAM, an after-school partnership between HVCCA and the Peekskill Public School System, that was designed to introduce advanced 5th and 6th graders to international artists and literature. The students participated in in-depth discussions, creative writing, and leadership techniques that prepare them to lead tours through the museum’s exhibitions.

THE BANNER PROJECT brought together six to eight artists to mentor over 300 youth to create large-scale community engaged art installations.

PUBLIC TILE PROJECT called upon 2000 students to design tiles for a trail from the Peekskill Train Station to the HVCCA. The project was the brainchild of Dr. Livia Straus, and artists Jo-Ann Brody and Sarah Haviland.