Theatrical Performance Series!

Acting Out: Words That Connect 

“Works of art may speak to us through our visual senses but, when enriched by the spoken word, the works have the capacity to expand what is accessible to our imaginations, to overlay the imagery of one artist upon that of others and to permit us to take the world in so as to offer myriad possibilities.”

— Livia Straus, Director of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

Acting Out: Words that Connect, a theatrical performance series, features original scripts by eight writers of the Greater New York area interfacing with works from the museum’s exhibition, Art at The Core. The resulting one-act plays, as well one commissioned drum piece, will be directed by Mara Mills.

Writers include: Donna Barkman, Susan Hodara, Tony Howarth, Lisa Karrer, Coni Ciongoli Koepfinger, Matty Selman, and Bob Zaslow.

“Our goal is to intertwine word and image; to break artificial boundaries between audience and art, theatrical, and visual. What better place to bring voice to contemporary art than in the dramatic setting of HVCCA?”

–Mara Mills, Director

STAGE SETTING | The plays are set in front of the artworks that inspired them. This is the HVCCA’s sixth collaboration with director Mara Mills following the successful Size Matters: Image and Script (2008), The Form of Matter (2009), Talk Dutch to Me (2010), The Ides of March (2012), and Words That Paint (2013).