Presented in collaboration with Caramoor’s In The Garden of Sonic Delights:

Arron Taylor Kuffner, Gamelatron Sanctuary: Suara Sinar (The Sound of Light)

Kuffner_Circle_of_Tron* SMSuara Sinar is a site-specific installation that transforms a vast windowless abandoned warehouse on the Peekskill, NY waterfront into a sanctuary of light and sound. In the middle of a pitch black 10,000 sq. foot space there is an oasis of couches, pillows and rugs. Spiraling out from the oasis in concentric circles stretching across the entire space are instruments from a Balinese Gamelan orchestra retrofitted with mechanical mallets mounted in the ceiling trusses. Twenty four bronze kettle shaped gongs called Reyong and Trompong, 4 hanging gongs ranging in size from 23 to 35 inches in diameter, 4 pairs of 9 inch bronze hand cymbals (Kopyak), and 2 dragon turtles with eight 4-inch hand cymbals (Ceng-Ceng) robotically play day-long sequences of music composed specifically to allow the entire warehouse to function as a resonating chamber. With each sound a pulsation of light bursts from the instrument and fades as the tone diminishes, briefly illuminating a spot in the vastness. Movements of music become a choreographed panoramic dance of light.

Suara Sinar is a refuge, it is a universe unto itself, it is an offering, a respite, an escape, and a confrontation.

Aaron Taylor Kuffner is a conceptual artist, sculptor, and composer. His pieces often take the form of long-term multiyear projects that involve in depth research, collaboration with field experts and development of specialized skill sets. Each project is uniquely attached to the idea of providing conceptual tools that further the evolution of consciousness through experiences of beauty and the sublime. In doing so he reaches far outside of conventions pushing the role of art to be a form of service to society.

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