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Alessandro Bulgini, Photo by Alessandro Facente

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October 22nd @ 3 pm
Encore Performance – Sol Miranda’s “I Am Here, I Belong”
October 21st @ 1pm & 3 pm
October 15th @ 5 – 7pm
Opening Reception (& Open Mic) for “Women Warriors”

October 14th @ 7 pm & October 15th @ 3pm
Sol Miranda’s “I Am Here, I Belong

October 7th
Babywearing/Stroller Tour of HVCCA


September 24th
Selknam: Look Back to Look Forward


September 23rd
Museum Day Live

September 10th
Tradition & Chaos

September 1st
Babywearing/Stroller Tour

June 4th
Jinsu Han and Peter Bynum in conversation

May 10th
Young Docents Tour

April 23rd
VIEWFINDER: A New Play by Donna Barkman

April 23rd
“I’s Open I’s Closed” Opening Reception

February 4th
“Between I & Thou” Opening


December 3rd
Get the Last Word In

October 16th
How to Promote Your Art: WORD Artist Panel II

September 25th
Vision and Voice

September 24th
Museum Day Live! 2016

September 20th
Where Words and Memory Meet

September 10th
Day of the WORD

September 7th 
Arts Westchester Arts Alive Grant Writing Workshop


August 21st
Student Exhibition Closing

August 6th
Hudson Valley Expo 2016

June 9th
Student Exhibit Opening

June 5th
Peekskill Open Studios- Meet the WORD Artists

June 4th
Peekskill Open Studios- Docent Tour

Peekskill Open Studios- Mural at Woodside Elementary 

May 15th
Visions from the Inside Opening Reception

Peekskill Film Festival

Poetry with Gerald Stern and Cindy Beer-Fouhy

May 10th
Eighth Grade Accelerated Art Students Unveiling/Reception

May 7th
Madness & Nudity: Women in Art – Live performance

May 1st
Closing reception for The “I’m Tired” Project

April 17th

Earth Day Projects with exhibiting WORD artists Bill Schuck and Kathryn Frund

April 3rd

“Portrait of Peekskill” by Chris Rigney as part of Peekskill Project 6 at the Flatz!

March 12th

Drawing/Writing WORDshop with Terese Giammarco for ages 5+

February 27th

HVCCA’s first open-call juried exhibit WORD opened to the public, with over 450 visitors total just in the two hours opening reception!

February 20th, 21st & 24th

The “I’m Tired” Project photo shoots took place at HVCCA, with artist Paula Akpan and photographer Robert Olsson. The resulting photographs became part of the WORD exhibit! *Photograph by Ming Au

January 31st

HVCCA’s Second Annual Live Art Fest took place from 1 to 5 p.m.! More than 20 artists were in-house doing creative workshops and demonstrations, live performances, and more with a crowd of over 750 people!

January 16th

Peekskill Project 6 artist Sabrina Occhipinti Artist Talk 2 to 4 pm @ Field Library, 4 Nelson Avenue, Peekskill, NY


Last Chance for Love  – Closing reception for LOVE, and the live performance of the tenth installation of Writing the Walls
Molly Haslund 1000 Wooden Balls Performance “Leaving / A – B” – During this final performance Molly Haslund together with volunteers, attached 1000 wooden balls on a string that was then be carried from 100 N. Water Street trough Peekskill ending at HVCCA.
SUNY Purchase Artist Talk  – SUNY Purchase MFA students spoke about their fantastic contributions to Peekskill Project 6.
Talk Nr. 3: Taking Up Space: The Social Capital of Public Art

Taking Up Space- Artist and Community as Co-Creators – Second installation of the Taking Up Space Talk Series, in conjunction with Peekskill Project 6 at the ISCP in Brooklyn, NY
Click here to watch the full talk!
1,000 Wooden Balls – Molly Haslund’s performance references themes such as migration.
Peekskill Project 6: Part II Opening Reception – Featuring work by artists Katya Grokhovsky, Molly Haslund, Olafur Eliasson, Peter Bynum, Saskia Janssen & George Korsmit

Art for Families/Clay Houses – Clay house workshop with Jo-Ann Brody to be featured as part of Peekskill Project 6:Windows on Main Street. 
Collecting Impressions Walk – Peekskill Project 6 artist Liene Bosquê walks around Peekskill engaging the community to participate in making art (clay impressions) and taking a closer look at the historic town they reside in.
Go Peekskill Project  Docent Tours of Peekskill Project 6
Peekskill Prism – Victoria Arakcheyeva’s dance performance. 
Confluence – the two-man show featuring the work of Geoff Feder and Andrew Barthelmes. 
Molly Haslund Performance at the Peekskill Farmer’s Market Peekskill Project Artist, Molly Haslund, performed live at the Peekskill Farmer’s Market from 10 a.m to 2 p.m.
Taking Up Space: Peekskill Project 6 The first in a series of four conversations, Taking Up Space: Peekskill Project 6 will introduce the history of the Peekskill Project, founded by HVCCA, and address the roles played by organizers, curators, artists and community members in defining public space within the context of a dedicated public art festival. Panel participants will discuss the impact of public art within local communities and its ability to furnish new experiences of commonly overlooked sites, promote economic development within a region and provide an afterlife to local histories that might otherwise be lost. Click here to watch the full panel discussion video!
The Evening Star- The Launch of the Peekskill Meteorite Peekskill Project 6 atrist, Daniel Bejar, launched a piece of the Peekskill Meteorite at 100 North Water Street with the help of a weather balloon. The economic value of the meteorite is transformed through a series of actions. Festivities continued at the Peekskill Brewery where we followed the journey of the balloon as it travels to the limits of the atmosphere and returns to earth.

The Evening Star presents new works by Daniel Bejar, Pablo Helguera, and Dana Levy. Their projects 

Peekskill Project 6 Opening Festival On Sunday, September 27th, 500+ visitors made their way to Peekskill for HVCCA’s opening of Peekskill Project 6. Under a sunny September sky people experienced works by more than 55 artists and visitors spent time listening, watching and participating in the many fantastic activities. Visitors created chalk circles with artist Molly Haslund, participated in Brazilian artist Liene Bosques clay impression walks and shared their “end” stories with artist Megan Snowe –who in the past week has been collecting endings from local residents. Local dance artist Belle Ritter performed an amazing arial dance hanging high from a Crane while others took a rest from the many activities ‘hiding’ inside Australian artist Lea Donnan’s colorful tents. Local vendors included Ruben’s Mexican Cafe, Peekskill Brewery, and Mister Softee, and with Zero to Go our event was as green as can be! Our festival generated one small two-pound bag of garbage, one bag of recycling and two bags of compost! Did you miss the festivities? Fear not! We will be hosting a second opening reception to celebrate the completion of the remaining artworks, and there is a series of performances and workshops to come! Check our home-page for these upcoming events!

Opening Reception for Hermann Nitsch’s “Leviticus”
Sinful Sunday xxx: Click here for a video of the Dionysian frenzy along with graceful dance teacher, Belle Ritter

The LOVE opening Reception! 

Live Art Fest


Spotlight on Women: Panel, Play and Performers. Click here for a video preview!

Wings of Witness Workshop for Youth & Families A very special hands-on workshop for youth and families with artist, Jeffrey Schrier.

The Lives of Hamilton Fishwinner of the BEST FILM award at the Underground New England Film Festival 2014–is a cinematic rock opera inspired by a true story that occurred in New York’s Hudson Valley. A serial killer and a statesman, both n
amed Hamilton Fish, die on the same day: Hamilton Fish II, a descendant of one of the most prominent families in New York State and Hamilton “Albert” Fish, a psychopath and notorious child murderer (executed at Sing Sing Prison). Their obituaries, both published on the front page of The Peekskill Evening Star Newspaper of January 16, 1936, prompt the paper’s editor to become obsessed with the coincidence.

Justin Randolph Thompson | Fit the Battle | Salem Art Works
Fit the Battle is a performance and commemoration created for Peekskill, NY that honors the legacy of singer, Civil Rights activist, actor and athlete Paul Robeson and his celebrated baritone voice. The piece uses monumental sculpture and the largest ever gathering of Baritone Saxophones to immortalize the fervor and spirit of this critical figure of American history and his global vision of unity. The project is directed by Justin Randolph Thompson in collaboration with Bradly Dever Treadaway and Jason Thompson. Robeson was known for being a world activist who spoke out against racism.  

Peekskill Open Studios 2014  17th annual Peekskill Open Studios! The event is presented by The Peekskill Arts Alliance (PAA). See visual and performing arts by more than 100 artists in their studios, performance spaces and other special exhibits throughout the City of Peekskill, NY. Celebrate art all day and enjoy music & dining in the bustling cafes and restaurants at night. For more information on Peekskill Open Studios 2014 visit:

Acting Out: Words that Connect – Tony Howarth’s one-act play A Pile of Rags Tony Howarth’s play, A Pile of Rags, considers the incomprehensibility of the world around us.  Inspired by the perplexity of Jonas Burgert’s painting, Hell Schlaqt (Hell Speaks), Howarth’s play imagines a world in the midst of total chaos.
Acting Out: Words that Connect – Donna Barkman’s one-act play Hand-Me Downs Five works in the exhibition ‘Art at the Core’ produce an environment that radiates phantoms of memory, of yearning, and of waiting for an unknown future. In response to this, Donna Barkman portrays a natural-born rebel, who recalls her playful beginnings and proceeds to dramatize the constrictive gender roles and motherhood prescriptions that caused her (and Antigone) to search for a happiness that may always elude them.

Acting Out: Words that Connect – Vicki Addesso, Susan Hodara, Joan Potter, and Lori Toppel’s Still Here Under the expansive wings of Jeffrey Schrier’s installation “Unfinished Flight,” Vicki Addesso, Susan Hodara, Joan Potter, and Lori Toppel present “Still Here,” a performance piece adapted from their collaborative memoir, “Still Here Thinking of You: A Second Chance With Our Mothers” (Big Table Publishing, 2013).
Acting Out: Words that Connect – Lisa Karrer and David Simons’ Meeting Chen Zhen: Drum as Doorway Between Worlds Multimedia performing artist Lisa Karrer creates a theatrical duet with live and sampled voice, drum, and video in collaboration with percussionist and MAX/MSP programmer David Simons; the artists interact with artist Chen Zhen’s large drum sculpture Traitment Musical/Vibratoire.

Make a Musical Instrument Create a musical instrument  out of found objects inspired by artist Chen Zhen
Play with Plastillina Explore the medium of plastillina by creating a totem based on the large sculpture Monte Casino: The Broken Statues by  Itlao Scanga.


Live Performance: Jordan Rathus’ Based on, If Any
Free Arts Day 

Family Education Workship: Make a Film with Collage! Join museum educator Maureen McCourt for a collaborative visual story telling day using collage, then create part of a stop motion film through the method of collage. 

Public Opening and Reception: Art at the Core : The intersction of Visual Art, Perfomance & Technology 2013-2014 exhibition features works that lend themselves to narrative interpretations. The selected artists employ traditional art materials as well as new technology, video and performance to look to art as addressing the very core of our everyday lives, our ‘weltanschauung’.
Special Preview Event for Members: Art at the Core
Family Halloween Mask Workshop

Make a Halloween Mask!Workshop with Maureen McCourtDATE: Saturday, October 26th TIME: 2 – 4 pmLocation: The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, 1701 Main Street, Peekskill, NYJoin museum educator, Maureen McCourt, for a fun and exciting Halloween Mask Making Workshop!This workshop will explore different ways of using materials to create an exciting mask that can be used as part of a Halloween costume!This workshop is open to all ages. Everyone will get the chance to use everyday materials such as brown paper bags to create and take home a beautiful mask! Open to all families and students of all ages. Children under 5 must be supervised by an adult.Space is limited, kindly RSVP to [email protected] or call 914-788-0100.– See more at: museum educator, Maureen McCourt, for a fun and exciting Halloween Mask Making Workshop!

Video Screening and Artist Talk: Dafna Shalom’s Yamim Moraim (Fearful Days) The 30 minute video trilogy Yamim Noraim (Fearful Days) was made as a “time-specific” piece referring to the introspective and prayerful Hebrew month of Elul that ushers in the High Holy Days of Rosh Ha-Shana and Yom Kippur. It is a time when Jews reflect upon their relationships toward their fellow man and the divine.

Opening Reception: Body as Landscape Peekskill Project V Group Exhibition of contemporary artists who explore the human relationship to the landscape. Artists include: Anonda Bell, Katrina Bello, Judith Braun, Kate Clark, Jennifer Cohen, Virginia Lavado, LoCurto/ Outcault, Maria Driscoll McMahon, Armando Marino, and Camilo Rojas.

Video Room Screening: Mega Mall A documentary film by Vera Aronow, Roger Grange, and Sarah Mondale followed by a Q & A session with the filmmakers.
Educational Workshop Create an autobiographical object that describes your personal history. Artist Charles McGill uses personally meaningful images and collages them onto golf bags and found materials, exploring the history of the African American community. Charles McGill demonstrates his process.
Performance: Anya Liftig & Genevieve White. Panel: Irina Arnaut, Sean Carroll & performance artists Performance artists Genevieve White and Anya Liftig will each perform a short theatrical work in the museum, Sumo Walk and Yesterday is Tomorrow, respectively. They join video artists Sean Carroll, How to Get to Peekskill, and Irina Arnaut, W is For, on a panel discussion moderated by artist and SUNY, WCC professor Carla Rae Johnson.

Educational Workshop Lisa Lebofsky, with her paintings on aluminum, brings a unique sense of space as well as an exploration of dark and light to the moody landscapes she creates. Create a Plein Air painting at the breathtaking Peekskill waterfront. Easels and canvases provided.
Z Behl’s Camera Obscura: Valley Tableau, a complex artwork involving over twenty paintings installed outdoors and a large camera obscura she constructed to view them through. Pepe Coronado’s The River as a Link master print cart, Nestor Madalengoitia’s homage to Pete Seeger’s Clearwater Sloop, James Mulvaney’s Anxiety from Freedom, and Kai Vierstra’s KKKKK. Performances Once Upon a Time is Now, by Marcy B. Freedman, and Chad Starook’s An Adventure in 3 Parts, Part 2: The Narration.

Special Performance: Priscilla Dobler & Maureen McCourt’s Correlate Knitting Project Correlate Knitting Project is a community-based work about the present and historical culture of knitting in the Hudson Valley. The project questions the issues of craft versus fine art. Dobler and McCourt will be doing a knitting performance in the museum.

Educational Workshop Learn to cast a realistic impression of your hands with hyper-realistic sculptor, Carol A. Feuerman, who utilizes media such as bronze and stone. Her black patina bronze diver ‘The Golden Mean’, standing at 14′ tall, marks the town of Peekskill as a center for art and creativity.

Matt Frieburghaus @ HVCCA Video Room Matt Frieburghaus explores methods of transforming recorded digital data into prints, sound, and video. His work investigates new relationships between sight and sound. His visual approach reveals a life-long passion for maps, which for him chart a change in perception.
Johanna Barron & James Rexroad @ HVCCA Video Room
Educational Workshop PEEKSKILL PROJECT V Artist Brandon Ballengée leads this workshop in which students will explore the ideas behind ecological art and create works based on nature with a field trip.
Peekskill Project Second Sunday: Artist Talk

Asya Reznikov @ HVCCA Video Room Themes of travel, language, national identity, and otherness have been Asya Reznikov’s focus.
Special Performance: Words that Paint: The Hudson Valley School in Poetry and ProsShort plays inspired by artworks in our current exhibition, “PEEKSKILL PROJECT V: The New Hudson River School.” Writers are from throughout the Hudson Valley. Brought to you by HVCCA and Director, Mara Mills, who chairs the project and directs the performance. This is the fourth collaboration following the successful Size Matters, The Form of Matter and Ides of March.
Peekskill Project V Second Sunday: Artist Talk PEEKSKILL PROJECT V Artist Asya Resnikov discusses her work installed in HVCCA’s Video Room.

Peekskill Project V: Say Peekskill, solo exhibition by Ben Altman In Say Peekskill, PEEKSKILL PROJECT V Artist Ben Altman uses photographs and audio recordings to investigate how residents of Peekskill like their town, how they spend their time, how they came here, and if they will stay. HVCCA is excited to partner with The Field Library for this exhibition.
Say Peekskill web page: “Sketches and Memories (synthesized compositions rendered later, upon the artists’ safe return home),”  “HEARING SPACE,” by Bruce Odland. Janet Langsam, CEO of ArtsWestchester writes about Bruce Odland’s installation: Here.
Opening Reception: The Power of Place: This exhibition of works by members of the Peekskill Artist Club opens in Mezzanine Gallery. Members of the Peekskill Artist Club include Gulgun Aliriza, Emil Alzamora, Cristina Alvarez Arnold, Matthew Arnold, Andrew Barthelmes, Geoff Feder, Philip Hardy, Katherine Mangiardi, James Mulvaney, Adam Niklewicz, Jason Repolle, Shara Shisheboran, Tim Smith, Ken Vallario, and Michael Zelehoski.
Peter Daverington @ HVCCA Video Room Peter Daverington: Arcadia, 2012
Single Channel HD, 8:54 mins (loop)
ARCADIA (trailer) 2012 – Peter Daverington from Peter Daverington on Vimeo.
HVCCA Book Club This month’s selection: PROVENANCE: How a Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art by Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo
Peekskill Project Second Sunday: Artist Talk with Ben Altman


Docent Tour of Peekskill Project V Offsite Venues with Peekskill Project V Coordinator and Curator Anna Adler
Peekskill Project V @ The Peekskill Coffee House Opening reception for works by Ben Altman, Sara Hart and Shara Shisheboran.
Christine Sciulli: Bonfire Come by with your family and friends to help build a sculptural installation which will be used in a virtual bonfire from 5pm -10pm. Bring some garden cuttings or tree branches, as well as your drums, poems, songs and stories to perform and share.
Click here for more information about Christine Sciulli’s “Bonfire”
Tour the window installations Peekskill Project V artists have created for the downtown area HVCCA is partnering with The Peekskill BID to make Downtown Peekskill a destination for contemporary art this holiday season. Window installations will be on view December 1, 2012 – January 1, 2013. For more information on the location of downtown artist installations, please see the Winter Windows Art Crawl Map.
Pop-up Gallery Reception Pop Up Gallery Artists include: Nancy Bowen, Jo-Ann Brody, Ada Cruz, Ad Deville, Sarah Haviland, Carla Rae Johnson, Barbara Korman, Nelson Loskamp, Luis Maldonado, Eva Mantell, Don Porcella and Gae Savannah.

HVCCA Book Club This month’s selection: Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art by Phoebe Hoban
Interactive Performance: Marcy B. Freedman’s Free Not Free
Education Workshop “What I’m Made Of,” a workshop led by the artist collective The Ladies’ Auxiliary. The artists will lead a tour through their installation “Fair Trade Deli & Wellness Center” at Tessy’s Deli. Explore what it means to create personal goals and create a work of art that symbolizes past and future accomplishments!

HVCCA Book Club This month’s selection: Air Guitar by Dave Hickey Dave Hickey cuts loose and speaks to the reader in vibrant tones and tempos in his collection of essays on life, drugs, art, and an ideal democracy.
The Public Tile Project is Back This is an open call to children of all ages to participate in the Public Tile Project. We are creating a tile mural of the Hudson River landscape to go on the wall on Central Avenue in Peekskill. Pick an image and recreate it on a clay tile in glaze. The tiles will be fired and assembled to create a prominent mural on Central Avenue.

Peekskill Project V Opening Weekend – A Citywide Festival of Contemporary Art Please check the Peekskill Project V page for event updates or pick up an Opening Weekend Schedule and Peekskill Project V Map at the Peekskill Train Station, the Gazebo or the museum front desk. There are over 20 events scheduled this weekend to celebrate the Opening of Peekskill Project V, including artist talks, performances, outdoor projections, guided tours and walks, music and DJs.
HVCCA Book Club: Jackson Pollock This month’s Selection: Jackson Pollock: An American Saga by Steven Naifeh and Gregory Smith. Jackson Pollock was more than a great artist, he was a creative force of nature. He changed not only the course of Western art, but our very definition of “art.”

Family Art Day Join us for a family mini-tour of CIRCA 1986  & CIRCA 1986 Redux: R.M. Fischer! Tour followed by a scavenger hunt, and hands-on art activities inspired by the exhibitions. All art materials provided, all ages welcome. Parent participation required for children 5 and under.
Lecture and Panel Discussion: Art and Motherhood This panel brings together artists at different stages of their careers to discuss their work, their practice and how motherhood has affected them. The artists deal either directly or obliquely with motherhood as subject matter while avoiding the pitfalls of self-martyrdom and sentimentality. After they introduce their work, the discussion will open up to include the audience in sharing ways to maintain a productive studio practice and career while balancing the obligations and rewards of family life.
Panelists: The Ladies Auxiliary, Judy Glantzman, Lori Merhige, Diana Quinby, and Jackie Skrzynski View Flyer (PDF)
A Multimedia Performance: Seen and Imagined A special live performance within the galleries of the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art (HVCCA), featuring Synapses Dance Ensemble and Peekskill Youth, with live music performed by Ray Blue and his Pro-Am Ensemble.

Opening Reception: Circa 1986 Redux – R. M. Fisher Current Works and Lecture with R. M. Fischer and Nicola Trezzi, Interntional editor for Flashart

Opening Reception: Circa 1986 Redux – Rick Prol: A Retrospective Look

In Dialogue: Gregory Amenoff, Francesca DiMattio & Josephine Halvorson Join us for a lively discussion between artist and Chair of the Columbia Master of Fine Arts Department Gregory Amenoff and two of his former students Francesca DiMattio (represented by Salon 94) & Josephine Halvorson (represented by Sikkema Jenkins & Co ).
Family Art Day Come explore the exciting and playful art of the 1980s. Experiment using different materials and putting them together in strange new ways.

The New York City Gallery Stroll Over the course of three evenings, NYC’s most cutting-edge galleries are opening their doors for intimate conversations with gallery owners and directors who will offer insights on their vision, on what they see as important and lasting, and their suggestions on how to gain access to important works. Several of the artists will also be available to discuss their work.

Docent Tour: From Upstarts to Art Stars Docent Marc Zeitschik will tour through Circa 1986 focusing on artists who were “pushing the envelope” in the 80’s. Some have continued to have successful careers in the arts, and a select few have become practically household names. The tour will feature 10 artists whose work in the 80’s was truly avant-garde and still powerful today.

Docent Tour: Circa 1986 with Livia Straus
Lecture with Artist Rick Prol and Collector Ari Straus In Support of the current exhibition, Circa 1986, HVCCA will host a lecture featuring artist Rick Prol and collector Ari Straus.


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