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The Festival continues with select works and events through April 2016!

2016 Locations: Field Library & the Flatz

Main Festival will be on view: September 27th – December 31st, 2015


2015 Locations: HVCCA + public parks + industrial spaces and storefronts in Peekskill

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Additional information available at the official Peekskill Project 6 website.

The New York Times called the city of Peekskill “a canvas for artists near and far” in their review of Peekskill Project 6!

Proposals for Peekskill Project 6 were selected and reviewed by a committee. The 9 artists and curators in the committee have been selected based on their international scope as well as their understanding of the local community and environment. The committee consists of: Xavier Acarin & Roxana Fabius, Jenni Crain, Alessandro Facente, Geoff Feder, Chelsea Haines, Clara Halpern, James Mulvaney, and Jodi Waynberg, as well as representatives from HVCCA and Peekskill Project 6 Coordinator and Lead Curator, Emilie Nilsson.

Participating Artists:

 • Kristin Anderson Mark Andreas  Victoria Arakcheyeva  Jan Baracz Michael Barraco  Andrew Barthelmes Man Bartlett Daniel Bejar Joe Bigley Liene Bosque Karolina Bregula Jenny Brockman Jo-Ann Brody  Robert Brush Alessandro Bulgini Peter Bynum Rigney Christopher Teke Cocina Lea Donnan Olafur Eliasson Lydia Goldbeck Raphael Griswold Katya Grokhovsky Molly Haslund Pablo Helguera Elana Herzog Sarah Hewitt Owen Hunter Rachel Simone James Carla Rae Johnson Deborah Kenote Eleanor King Saskia Janssen & George Korsmit Adam Kremer Dana Levy T. Charnan Lewis Tora Lopez Andrea Mastrovito Heather McKenna  Nina Mouritzen  James Mulvaney Sabrina Occhipinti Maria Rapicavoli Elise Rasmussen Really Large Numbers   Belle Ritter Stephen Schaum Dustina Sherbine Megan Snowe Kelly Stevens Phumelele Tshabalala Chris Victor Tuo Wang Julia Weist Lachell Workman Jayoung Yoon  

HVCCA proudly presents the 6th edition of Peekskill Project, a public art festival devoted to bringing contemporary art out of the museum and into the community; specifically into spaces not normally used to present art. Using the city as a stage, Peekskill Project 6 will engage the urban environment and its inhabitants, while presenting site-specific art exhibitions, performances and workshops throughout the city. Peekskill Project, first launched in 2004, has become a highly anticipated event attracting thousands of visitors each year as it offers children and adults the opportunity to explore the city’s rich social, cultural and geographic history through the lens of contemporary art. With active support from businesses, restaurants, city employees, and artists the festival has grown in scope, quality, and visibility. The festival continues to generate interest and investment in the City of Peekskill and serves to solidify Peekskill’s role as a premiere art destination.

Previous Peekskill Projects have featured work by over 100 established and emerging artists and have been visited by more than 30,000 people. Generous support from international consulates, involvement of city government and the community has been critical to the success of these events. This year Peekskill Project will feature an exciting variety of sculpture, photography, installation, video and performance art by approximately 60 international and local artists. Works will be exhibited in industrial buildings, storefronts, and parks around the city. The artists are using the rich history of Peekskill, the surrounding area, as well as their own varied personal narratives, as a generative tool to create their site-specific works. Many of the projects presented will also directly involve and engage the community in the creative process.

A comprehensive public program will be presented to coincide with the festival, featuring workshops with artists, film-screenings, public performances and events –including an exciting re-enactment of the Meteorite that fell in Peekskill on October 9th 1992, which on its anniversary will be returned to “space” in an air balloon. A talk series will also be presented in connection with the festival. Here we will bring together artists, curators, and the public to discuss themes such as; the role of contemporary art in everyday life, social engagement within the arts, and arts possibility of being integrated within urban communities in a meaningful way.

The place of art in society has always been a focal point for artists and critics. In recent years, artists have redesigned their role outside the contemporary art world, bringing their work into everyday life. Through the public exposition of artworks right in the midst of our Peekskill community, and through talks, workshops, performances, and events, Peekskill Project 6 will shed light on the possibilities inherent in public, participatory and community-based art today.


Peekskill Project 6 is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. 

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