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The Power Of Place

January 27, 2013 - April 28, 2013 @ Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

Curated by Marc & Livia Straus, founders HVCCA Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art is proud to present this exhibition of works by members of the Peekskill Artist Club, a group of emerging artists who have been meeting monthly at HVCCA for dialogue and critique, eager to continue the growth found through discourse that characterized their time in art school. Though disparate in style and artistic medium, varied in aesthetics, gallery representation and years of artistic practice, they share a common passion to engage with their peers and improve. The Peekskill Artist Club had its first meeting in May of 2010, bringing together a group of artists from throughout the region. With the knowledge that Livia and Marc Straus had helped establish a similar group in Manhattan, several artists appealed to HVCCA as a venue. The idea was certainly congruous with HVCCA’s mission to enable emerging artists, foster creative growth and experimental projects, as well as to help establish the reputation of the Hudson Valley as a place for serious and important contemporary art. Growing through invitations from current members, the group’s size has swelled as artists continue to migrate to the idyllic Hudson Valley. Attracted to the area for different reasons, whether to raise families or to escape the city and breathe the air of a more rural environment, these artists convene here to create their own artistic community. Some artists come from Peekskill, but also from the greater geographic area, from New Paltz to Beacon and even as far as Rhinebeck and Connecticut, to take advantage of this group of peers who are facing similar struggles, attempting to navigate the art world and find their place within it. Over this two and a half year period, their work has expanded and morphed, gaining from group critique and constructive self-analysis. This exhibition is a culmination of this period of their time together, a step along the path to greater artistic development, self-knowledge and creativity.

"The Power Of Place" artist's include: Gulgun Aliriza, Emil Alzamora, Cristina Alvarez Arnold, Matthew Arnold, Andrew Barthelmes, Katrina Ellis, Geoff Feder, Philip Hardy, Katherine Mangiardi, James Mulvaney, Adam Niklewicz, Jason Repolle, shara Shisheboran, Timothy Smith, Ken Vallario, Michael Zelehoski

Catalog, 43 pages

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